Over the next few weeks, the Climate Action Council (CAC) will be holding a series of public hearings to determine the State's energy policies. The CAC was established by the Governor to determine energy policy and how the state can reach the climate goals that they established. While some of their proposals are good ideas, many are being proposed before the State - and particularly New York City - has alternative sources for energy.

On Tuesday, the first hearing will be held in the Bronx. We need all of our members to show up and let them know that we do not support a plan that will endanger the residents of NYC and Westchester County by cutting back on power generation currently provided by Local 1-2 members. Before the hearing, we need our members to do a few things.

If you are planning to speak, you will need to pre-register. You can click here to register. Please also let your Business Agent know that you are planning to speak so that we can get you some talking points.

If you plan to attend but not speak, you will still need to register as there is a space limitation. Please click here to register to attend. When you register make sure you select the Bronx hearing.

The Bronx hearing will take place on Tuesday, April 5th and will begin at 4:00 PM at Bronx Community College, Roscoe Brown Student Center, Hall of Fame Playhouse, 2155 University Ave Bronx, NY 10453.

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