Brothers and Sisters,

As we look forward to 2022, I want to thank all of you for your hard work and solidarity during this challenging year that is ending.

My hope, and the hope of all Members of Local 1-2, is that we can return to a sense of normalcy in 2022 and not be in a constant battle over our work, health and safety.

As we hope for a better 2022, perhaps we should remind ourselves of the adage, "This too shall pass," because thankfully 2021 will. The grind of the past two years has taken a toll on us all. I join you in mourning our losses and looking to brighter days to come.

As Members of Local 1-2, you have all risen to the staggering challenges we face each day in our jobs, at home and in our communities. You have handled it all and should take immense pride in keeping the lights on, the water flowing and warmth for all.

My deepest wishes for ever Brother and Sister as the New Year dawns is that we greet it with Hope, Solidarity, and the certain knowledge that WE are the Men and Women who keep things up and running for all. Here's to a Happy, Hopeful, Safe and Healthy NEW YEAR for each of you, your families and loved ones.


James Shillitto, President

Local 1-2, New York, Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO

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