As previously stated in my video, Con-Ed has decided to move ahead with a vaccine mandate. We believe that any mandate should be bargained with the union before it becomes policy. As such we are encouraging our members to take action to fight this mandate.

First, we are asking our members to click here and download a letter to Con Ed CEO Tim Cawley. Please fill it out and mail it in to let Con Ed know that you are opposed to the vaccine mandate.

We are also asking you to download a similar letter and mail it to your elected officials. If you are unsure of who your elected official is, please click here.

Third, we are asking members to click here and sign a petition against the mandate. This petition will then be sent to elected officials, government officials, and decision-makers.

Finally, tomorrow please join the Freedom of Choice Rally. We, the local, have and will continue to maintain our position of being Pro-Choice. Hope to see you tomorrow! Rally point is at 86 st and York Ave at 10:30 AM!

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