Stacey Koon is a Senior CSR in 4 Irving Pl. Stacey is not only an active member and supporter of Local 1-2but she is also what we call a UWUA baby. Her father, Robert Koon, was a member of Local 1-2 and worked in substations before he retired.

Stacey Wore Red on June 19th to honor Sickle Cell Day.

“I wore my RED for World Sickle Cell Day today. We go through so much on a daily basis dealing with this Disease. Every day is not promised to you. So today I chose to do something I love to record music. I'm taking you guys on my journey.”.

Stacey suffers from the disease and she is in and out the hospital, using Intermittent FMLA. Even with this health issue, she keeps getting up and coming to work. She is a Sickle Cell Warrior and Ambassador.

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