This week, I had the opportunity to meet with Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez at Ravenswood for a tour of Ravenswood and to talk to them about the transition of the plant to become a clean energy hub for offshore wind. You can see some pictures from the event on Secretary Granholm's Twitter. It was a great event.

Coverage of the meeting included an interview with the Secretary on MSNBC and a write-up by Politico.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm visited Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens, which has outlined plans to transition to renewable energy.

NEW YORK — A push to transform the city’s largest fossil fuel power plant into a renewable energy hub has earned the attention of the Biden administration, which hopes it will soon serve as a national symbol of green energy adoption.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on Tuesday toured the turbine room of Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens, which will kick into action in a few days to meet expected demand from the higher temperatures in the forecast. Currently, those turbines are fueled by gas and sometimes fuel oil. But the plant operator wants to shut them down in favor of batteries, offshore wind and renewable energy from upstate.

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