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Our Mission

We, the Utility Workers of America, believing it to be a natural,right and just that those who toil should enjoy to the fullest extent the wealth created by their labor; and realizing that under the everchanging industrial conditions and the enormous growth of corporations and other aggregations of capital. It is impossible for us to obtainthe full reward of our labor other than through united, industrial action; And believing that labor acting along economic and politicallines can secure a more equitable distribution of the nation's wealth for all those performing useful service to society.

Therefore, we pledge ourselves to labor united on behalf of the principals herein set forth, to perpetuate our organization on the basis of friendship and justice to expound its objects and obey the laws laid down for its guidance and government, and always labor for its success, knowing as we do, that when we are united no reasonable demands that we may make can be denied us.



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