Whatever It Takes!

Local 1-2 Update


Today, Local 1-2 launches the WHATEVER IT TAKES! Campaign to ready the Membership for June 2012 when the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Con Edison, our largest employer, expires.

Make no mistake, the Bosses at Con Ed will come at us with an arsenal loaded with givebacks, take-aways and Union busting “offers” that will seek to divide Brothers and Sisters, shatter our unity and destroy Local 1-2.  That is how high the stakes are! We do not have to tell you how the underpinnings of our national economy have been shaken to the core by corporations like Con Ed, who keep reaping unprecedented profits, while working men and women take to the streets in frustration demanding a fair shake from the greedy profiteers.

That is why we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! to ensure that we win the best contract for the Membership.  That is our pledge to you.  All we ask is that you join us at every opportunity.  Join us at our Membership meetings, stop by the Mobile Office when it is at your shop or yard and talk to your Shop Steward and your Business Agent. Get involved and stay involved, all of our futures depend on it.

We will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! to keep our current pensions!

We will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! to keep our hard-won health benefits!

We will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! to kill any idea of broadbanding job titles!

We will do WHATEVER IT TAKES! to show Con Ed that Local 1-2 can’t be broken!

Stay Strong! Stay United! Do WHATEVER IT TAKES!

Brothers and Sisters,

We in Local 1-2 want you to know that we are willing to do Whatever it Takes. But, more than ever, we need you to get informed, get involved, and get active. In an effort to increase communications, solidify, and unify our efforts, please complete the below form and return it to us via your Business Agent.

Prioritize the below items by numbering them 1 thru 3 (1 being the most important to you):

  • Pension
  • Medical   (plan and cost)
  • Wages

Please provide the following information.

  • Name
  • Employee Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Cell and /or Home phon
  • Your PERSONAL Emai
  • Your Facebook Name
  • Your Twitter Name

You can find us: