Whatever It Takes!

Local 1-2 Update


Today, Local 1-2 launches the WHATEVER IT TAKES! Campaign to ready the Membership for June 2012 when the Collective Bargaining Agreement with Con Edison, our largest employer, expires.

Make no mistake, the Bosses at Con Ed will come at us with an arsenal loaded with givebacks, take-aways and Union busting “offers” that will seek to divide Brothers and Sisters, shatter our unity and destroy Local 1-2.  That is how high the stakes are! We do not have to tell you how the underpinnings of our national economy have been shaken to the core by corporations like Con Ed, who keep reaping unprecedented profits, while working men and women take to the streets in frustration demanding a fair shake from the greedy profiteers.

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Support the Employee Free Choice ACT

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)  is an important step toward restoring balance and fairness to our economy. Under EFCA, workers – not management – would be given the freedom to choose how they join a union – either through majority sign-up or secret ballot. It would also enact tougher penalties for employers who violate the law.

This is especially important at a time when all working families are feeling the squeeze It’s time to level the playing field. The more people who can join unions, the better off we are.

A stronger union workforce means higher wages, better benefits, and improved living standards for everyone.

Urge your U.S. Senators and Representative to support EFCA.

The Chamber of Commerce Is Illegally Using Foreign Corporations Money

Its has now been reported by several sources that the Chamber of Commerce is using funds from foreign corporations to try to affect American politics and the November elections.

Wonder why foreign corporations would want to defeat Democrats in the US? Top 10 Reasons Foreign Corporations Support Republicans:

  • to keep trade deals unfair to workers here and around the world
  • to continue to get good paying US manufacturing jobs offshored
  • to stop the development of green energy so that we continue to spend billions on Mideast oil
  • to continue to allow corporations like British Petroleum to exploit US natural resources and pollute our environment
  • to weaken US unions so they can treat parts of the US like the developing world
  • to keep the US buying imports from around the world rather than re-develop US manufacturing
  • to continue receiving secret technology such as that used in military arms manufacturing
  • to dismantle Social Security and turn the fund over to Wall St to be gambled with all over the world
  • to continue to allow US drug corporations to sell medicine developed here more cheaply in other countries than in the US
  • to continue economic treason

The Chamber of Commerce has bragged that it is spending 75 million to defeat Democrats but they won’t say where the money comes from. Now we know.

By Stewart Acuff