Event Date
Pelham Bay Split Rock Golf Course


We need to confirm everyones reservation and payment for the event by no later than July 1st.

As outlined on the flyer the outing is $185 per player, $60 for “dinner no golf”, and $125 to sponsor a hole.

Please make sure the members of your group have this email. We will be accepting payment through Venmo, PayPal, and personal check (must be handed to John Capra by July 1st).

Below you will find QR codes for PayPal and Venmo. By scanning the QR code with your phone you will directed to the App. If you are opening this email with your phone you can click on the link below and it will also take you directly to Venmo app. https://venmo.com/code?user_id=3546085985355112816

If you need to search… For Venmo the username is @Scholarship_Fund.

Venmo QR Code

For PayPal search for business name UWUA Scholarship Fund. (Case sensitive) Either way you choose to pay you must include the following information when indicating what the payment is for. Amount Full name Golf Outing Then either “ To Play/Dinner/Sponsor/ or a combination of 2 if you choose.

Pay Pal QR Code



What’s it for? John Smith, Golf Outing, To Play

If paying for an entire foursome please be as detailed as possible by mentioning all the names with the payment info.

Once payment is received you will be marked off as paid in a file held by the organizers. Please keep receipt of you payment incase the payment info is misplaced. Please allow a few days for the payment to be marked off before calling to inquire if you so choose.


Hope this communication is helpful, can’t wait to hang at the outing. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email.

Thomas Martin @ Thomas.Martin@uwua1-2.org


Frank Dominguez @ Frank.Dominguez@uwua1-2.org

Golf Outing