A Message from President James Shillitto

Local 1-2 Brothers and Sisters, On behalf of your Senior Business Agents, Business Agents, your Union’s Executive Board, your Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer and myself please receive our thanks for all the work you do; and we extend special thanks for all family and friends gathering for this Thanksgiving 2021.

As we enter the Holiday season, please remember that however you celebrate, as a Union Member, you have Brothers and Sisters always at the ready to defend your right to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.

This has not been the easiest year for all of us, but we came through; and on this Thanksgiving, please enjoy the fruits of your labor with loved ones and friends. 

The pandemic might have changed our working conditions, it has changed the world, it has set us challenges unseen in our lifetimes.

What it HAS NOT done is break our Union or our Spirit. For all of this and for all the abundant blessings we reap from Solidarity, have a HAPPY, MEMORABLE and BOUNTIFUL THANKSGIVING.

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