Counting many veterans among our membership, UWUA has a longstanding commitment to veterans issues. The high level of skill developed by those in the armed services is often a strong match for the high-stakes environments so many utility workers operate within, and we are proud to have trained dozens of veteran cohorts for good careers in the utility industry as they transition to civilian life.

With recent expansions to the Utility Worker Military Assistance Program (UMAP), we are looking forward to extending this benefit to even more veterans looking to translate their years of training and service into a civilian setting with the good pay and benefits they have earned.

Over the past year, UMAP has:

  • Launched the first ever electric program
  • Developed new programs in California and New Jersey
  • Continued to grow existing programs in Chicago and Michigan
  • Started construction on a renewables training center in Michigan that will host P4A’s renewable specialist apprenticeship program
  • It is our hope that with the expansion of P4A’s work across electric, natural gas and water sectors, we can help more veterans on the path to meaningful employment in good careers they can take pride in. That’s how we honor our veterans on this Veterans Day and all year long.

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