As the situation surrounding the coronavirus continues to change daily, I want to assure you that the Officers of Local 1-2 are working to minimize the exposure of our Members to this disease.

You continue, as always, day in and day out, regardless of what is happening, to provide the essential services that our friends, neighbors and businesses rely upon.

Government officials at all levels have implemented measures to try to halt the spread of virus. We as Utility Workers are faced with trying to do our jobs and, at the same time, keep ourselves and our families safe.

The Officers of Local 1-2 are working with each of the companies where Members work to do just that. We have agreed with employers to allow work from home for those that can and wish to; we have agreed to shift start times and expand the use of alternate scheduling ; we have expanded the availability of childcare ; we agreed to limit the jobs that require entering customer premises ; we are pushing to get you the supplies you need ; we are working for plans at power stations and will continue to discuss conditions with each company to update you and adjust to events as the landscape changes . Everything may at times not be perfect and seem confusing so ask your supervisors questions. Stay home if you are sick. Most importantly, I ask that we all work together during this trying time. As Utility Workers we are at our best when things around us are chaotic. We excelled, and excel, through storms, outages and the attacks of 9/11. Let’s keep our heads during this very real national emergency. Do not feed into rumors but support one another in the face of this pandemic.

I know we will get through this crisis together. I pledge to you that the Officers of Local 1-2 are here for you and will continue to fight for each and every one of you today and every day. Stay safe and be well.


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