Working backward from Disability Retirement Pensions, Social Security Disability to Line of Duty (207c), and Workers Compensation benefits, here are some quick things to know.

Disability Pensions
If you become permanently disabled to perform your job duties as a result of a Covid-19 related illness or death; or Covid-19 aggravates any preexisting, dormant condition, then you need to file proper notice, in writing, to your employer within thirty (30) days of the exposure.

Social Security Disability
Luckily, there are no notice requirements for this, but you must file within five (5) years of last employment. If you are out of work for twelve (12) months or expected to be out of work for twelve (12) months, and file with eighteen (18) months of the last day at work, you will not lose benefits. If you are out of work and receiving line of duty, workers comp, or sick pay but not actually at work doing your job, you can still file for Social Security Disability and the payments are in addition to your other benefits.

Workers compensation and Line of Duty 207-c
Reporting your exposure within thirty (30) days of the exposure satisfies your notice for Workers Compensation and when you do it in writing, satisfies your notice for Disability Pension. You then have two (2) years to file the required Workers Compensation forms. Do not file these on your own. We will do them for you.

What to write
Keep it simple and without naming an individual by name, if possible, write down Who, What, Where, When, Why and How you were exposed.

What else?
You will also need a health care provider to provide a medical opinion that your exposure to your disability, exposure, illness, or need for treatment.

Even with any of the proposed presumption bills for Covid-19, you and your family will always be safer if you filed timely reporting within thirty (30) days of the exposure. By filing timely for Workers Compensation or Line of Duty, you have satisfied your requirements if you ever have to file for a Disability Pension

My office can communicate with you and file all the forms for Disability Pension, Social Security and Workers Compensation electronically. If you need any assistance, of course, call me, text me or email me or my office immediately.


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