Con Edison is playing a dangerous game with public health and safety as it seeks to destroy its workers during contract talks with Local 1-2, NY, Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO.

With less than 36-hours left in its current contract, Con Ed is barely negotiating with the Union, which has authorized a strike at midnight June 20 if the Company continues its regressive tactics, according to Union President James Shillitto.

Shillitto expressed disbelief that during the current pandemic and civil unrest, that Con Ed would play fast and loose with the public. He said by its own admission that Con Ed is expecting a long, scorching summer as more people work from home, office buildings restore full power and bills will skyrocket for residential customers.

Con Ed cannot cry poverty as shareholders have seen a 42% gain since the last contract agreement in 2016.

“Con Ed is dangerous,” Shillitto said, “They do not budge as they pretend to protect shareholder value, as we have lost more than nine lives and seen more than 700 of our Members succumb to Covid-19. They do not take this seriously. It’s greed pure and simple, the public be damned.”

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