A Message from President James Shillitto

We will be having a virtual union meeting on Thursday, October 29th at 6:15 pm, broadcast from the 37th St. office. We will be voting on approval of appointed officers and should a recall election be held. Once you are approved a link to the meeting will be emailed to you.

NOTE: You must be registered to get the link to the Zoom. The link will be emailed to you. So please register today. All registrations must be completed by 6 AM on Wednesday, October 28th.

For anyone that does not want to vote online, we will have a few physical voting locations.

  1. Manhattan - Union Hall 5 w. 37st, 7th floor 6a-6p, Saint Eleftherios Greek Church, 359 w. 24st 7a-6p
  2. Queens – Knights of Columbus 35-79 160 st , flushing 6a-6p
  3. Brooklyn – 389 5th ave 6a-6p
  4. Bronx 780 Morris park ave 6a-6p
  5. Westchester – Union Hall 6a-6p

Anyone who registers for the online portion of the meeting will not be allowed to vote in person. This will ensure that no one is able to vote multiple times.


Things to Do for the Union Meeting

  1. Install Zoom on your phone, laptop or PC.
  2. If you have not already, send an email
  3. Check your email inbox on Wednesday (October 28th) in the afternoon for the meeting Zoom link

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