Brothers and Sisters, As we end the first week of April, it is fitting to observe one of our sacred rights as Americans: the freedom of religion. 
This weekend brings Easter, for our Christian Brothers and Sisters; our Jewish Brothers and Sisters are in the midst of the Passover observance; and our Brothers and Sisters who are Muslim are weeks into Ramadan, a month of fasting and prayer. 
All three observances stem from what are known as the three Abrahamic religions. It is no accident then that people of faith are renewing their spiritual vigor in the Spring, when the natural world, too, undergoes its annual burst of growth. 
The overriding message is one of peace, growth, and a look at our fellow Brothers and Sisters in a renewed light. 
Our national motto is e pluribus unum - out of many, one. It is this idea that we celebrate as citizens and as Union Members. This is the Unity we celebrate by presenting the one voice of the Union, while at the same time providing each Brother or Sister a free voice within their Union, so that - after discussion - we too emerge as one. 
Brothers and Sisters who practice these faiths, it is my wish and that of your elected Officers and Executive Board, that you are uplifted and renewed, and your families as well. These three observances look to sacrifice as part of the human condition. We wish you full hearts. 
James Shillitto, President 
Local 1-2, NY, UWUA, AFL-CIO 

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