By now, you have probably received an email from one of the slates running for Local 1-2 offices. Please be advised that the Local is required under federal government rules to allow any candidate or group of candidates to use the Union's email list for campaigning purposes. That list was provided to a neutral third party vendor to handle that distribution; and please rest assured that the Union has not provided your email address to any individual.


If you have provided your cell phone number to Local 1-2 for text messages, that list also will need to be made available - again, through a neutral third party vendor who is not permitted to disclose your phone numbers to any individual - for distribution of campaign materials. We are still trying to arrange for a neutral vendor which can handle that process, but you can anticipate that you may be receiving campaign texts as well.

Again, this is required by the U.S. Department of Labor which oversees all elections of Union officers.

- James Guccione, Election Board Chair

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