A Message from President James Shillitto

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend. Now that we are entering the summer, please make sure that you stay hydrated and take precautions to prevent heatstroke or heat-related illnesses. The UWUA and OSHA have more information on this below.

Today, with the incoming storm we are entering the beginning of another storm season. Whether it be a tropical storm, a heat wave, or hurricane, we the members of Local 1-2 will be there to put the power back and restore the system to normal. While you are working on any restoration projects, please follow all safety protocols and remember your training. I know there is pressure to rush during these restorations, but do not put yourself or your brothers and sisters at risk. Please keep an eye out for each other to ensure everyone gets home safely. It is times like these, especially during storm restoration, where I am proud to be your Union President. At times our work is thankless, but it is the aftermath of a storm where the community recognizes our essential contributions.

Please continue to work safe.

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