With early voting starting on Saturday for the Democratic primary for city offices, Local 1-2 needs your help to get our labor-endorsed candidates elected.

One such candidate is Ben Kallos who is running for Manhattan Borough President. Ben has always been a good friend to Local 1-2 when he served in the City Council and he will be a good friend to our union when he is elected Borough President.

Ben is one of the few elected officials UWUA Local 1-2 has endorsed, starting in 2013, when he joined us in protesting the ConEd CEO in his district. Since then, he has been there for members, even more recently Ben fought the city when they tried to overregulate and bankrupt the union. We've endorsed him again for Manhattan Borough President and ask that you help him get elected by volunteering:

Volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Thursday, June 10th, Phone Banking with Ben from 6 PM - 8 PM, members can join us either remotely through zoom, or in person at our Campaign Headquarters, 205 W 37th St, New York, NY. 
  • Friday, June 11th, Street Canvassing with Ben at 8 am at 86th & 2nd (location may alter)
  • Saturday, June 12th, polling location from 2-5 pm
  • Saturday, June 12th, Early Voting Kickoff Rally with Popsicles at the Polls with Ben at 11 AM. Meet in front of the MET steps. 
  • Election day, June 22 poll working

Sign up For Thursday Phone Banking Here

Sign up For Saturday Early Voting Rally

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